The primary goal of the Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Center(BNSCLC) is to provide a high school level education and key language skills to students currently living in the Mae Hong Son area. The school’s curriculum focuses on English, Burmese, and Thai languages, organic farming, computer skills, Community Development and management . It is our hope that this education will give the students the opportunity to become valuable and successful leaders and educators within their communities.

One of the main reasons that the BNSCLC was created was to give the underprivileged communities of the Mae Hong Son are a chance to gain skills and continue to study at the high school level. Through the cooperation of the Thai Education Ministry’s Gaw Saw Naw program, students that complete the two years of study at the BNSCLC will have a Thai high school certificate that will allow them to attend university within the Thai system.

Students are accepted into the school depending on need, merit, and willingness to work hard. In order for students to attend the school they must work on the ongoing construction of the buildings or tending of the gardens. In addition parents or guardians of students must attend our parent meeting day to learn about the school, ask questions and provide ideas to improve BNSCLC. This ongoing contribution by both students and parents builds the sense of involvement and investment in the BNSCLC.

Speaking English is an immense asset to the students. It can provide them with jobs in the international NGO sector in Mae Hong Son. It can also help them in further studies in Thai universities.

Students are learning the Burmese language because with the high level of migrants and refugees in the area, it is a common language for many groups. It can be very useful. The organic farming study at BNSCLC grow the students will become involved in the planning of the crop life-cycles, projecting of harvests, and the distribution and sale of excess crops.

What the BNSCLC does for others in the community
Because the BNSCLC wants to build bridges of cooperation and help in the development of the surrounding community it opens its doors for various other programs. Anyone is welcomed.

Some of these projects include:

  • The Mud Brick Project
  • Thai Lessons
  • English Lessons
  • Burmese Lessons
  • Karenni Lessons
  • Typing Lessons
  • Community Development Assistance
  • Temporary Work Opportunities