Where is Mae Hong Son?
The city of MHS is the capital of the Mae Hong Son Province in the far Northwest of Thailand.  The province shares a border with the country of Burma(Myanmar).  Click here for more info.

What is expected of volunteers?
Volunteers are expected to teach a minimum of three hours per day of English.  You may be asked to teach more at the NSCLC or at a nearby Thai government school but it is ultimately up to you.  Of course if you are coming from a distant place in an effort to help the less fortunate you might

as well make the most of your available time and teach as much as you can.

What else do volunteers do when they aren’t teaching?
There is so much and so little to do.  It is up to each volunteer.  Of course all volunteers spend time each day reviewing lessons and preparing for the next day.  Beyond this some volunteers simply relax and read.  Others accept the invitations of the community members to eat, drink, and experience various cultural activities including festivals and ceremonies. Ban Nai Soi is located in a stunning stretch of rice growing valleys surrounded by beautiful green mountains.  Some volunteers explore the landscape by foot, bike, or motorbike.  Volunteers also spend time in MHS meeting and talking to the many NGO and United Nation workers.  With almost 20,000 refugees in the MHS Province there are many foreigners doing a lot of special and interesting international work.

What if I’ve never taught before?
Several of our volunteers had no prior teaching experience.  Of course it isn’t easy, but if the volunteers are willing to challenge themselves and work hard in preparing lessons they will certainly benefit the students.

What will my living conditions be like?
For the second school year we have constructed a volunteer house.  Volunteers now have a private living space with concrete floors, brick walls, and private washing facilities. Meals are provided at the school and the staff will do its best to cook to your tastes.