Community Support Service

Besides the Learning Center provides education to children who are underprivileged, the Learning Center is also a place for people in the community to get education and vocational skills such as bud brick making, English language skill during summer and Thai Language for those who are illiterate.

Currently Ban Nai Soi Learning Center is planing to start several community support projects which to involve community members that we are working with.

1. Karenni Traditional Customs Weaving Project: this project is to teach students of the Learning Center and members of communities from Burma/Myanmar and Thai-Burma border how to weave which aims to preserve the tradition customs and get small incomes.

2. Supporting Students’ Community Project: this project is to support the Learning Center’s students in their community support projects when they return to their community in Burma/Myanmar and Thai-Burma border.

3. Sustainable Agriculture: this project is to provide the knowledge of sustainable agriculture to the students and providing space for other community members to learn about the issues and methodologies to be able to use in their livelihood for the sustainability.

All of these projects are in the process of discussing with communities and planning. Therefore, we are in need of finance and any materials support. We would like to invite for donations/financial/material support for our projects. For more information of the projects and information of how to give your donations/support, please contact us here:

We are thankful for your interest and support!