We need volunteers! We are seeking enthusiastic individuals that wish to volunteer their time and effort to make a positive contribution to the students at the Ban Nai Soi CLC.

Unlike many volunteer positions found on the internet today there is NO COST to volunteer at the BNSCLC. Upon arrival volunteers are given housing and food. Volunteers are responsible for paying for travel to and from the BNSCLC.

In order to teach at the BNSCLC you will need a positive attitude, an open mind, and the patience required to understand and work within a different culture.

While we don’t have any specific requirements regarding your qualifications we are hoping to attract qualified teachers of ESL. Even if you don’t have any experience teaching we still strongly encourage you to apply. In it’s first year the BNSCLC was lucky enough to have several volunteers that had very limited prior teaching experience but still proved to be great instructors.

It would benefit the students much more if we were able to find volunteers that could stay for several months but we ask for at least a one month commitment to teaching.

To receive an application or to ask any questions please send an email to bnsclc@gmail.com.

The Contribution of the Volunteers

We received English teaching volunteers referred from Volunthai and the Burma Volunteer Program. Volunthai is based in the city of Korat in a Northeastern province of Thailand and the Burma Volunteer Program is based in Mae Sot.

After volunteering at the BNSCLC some volunteers have donated things such as wall clocks, computer key boards for typing practice, books, and even money.  Recently 2 Volunthai , volunteers from New Zealand and America collectively donated a volunteer house!

They gave the money and the school made the mud bricks to construct the house.  Some parents contributed to the building of the house. But, in this case, in order to meet the deadline the school also had to hire people for building.

Recently, an American friend donated 5 second-hand computers for the school that really encouraged me, the students, and the BNSCLC community as a whole.

We need any help that we can get from future volunteers and donors. Thank you so much for visiting our website!

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